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The General Plan

In early 2013, the City Council initiated a process to review several properties in the commercial districts in Cupertino, including the Vallco shopping district, as part of a focused General Plan Amendment. This process includes an extensive community discussion on mobility, urban design and economic development challenges and ideas, and how we can maintain and enhance Cupertino’s great quality of life.

What is a General Plan?

If you live, work, play, move around or learn in Cupertino, the General Plan is important to you. Simply put, the General Plan is a regulatory document that includes a series of goals and policies that set the “ground rules” for conserving resources, designing new projects, expanding public services and improving community amenities. It covers a wide variety of issues, ranging from urban design and mobility to public health and safety.

Every city in California is required to adopt and regularly update a general plan. It functions as the City’s primary regulatory document and must be used as the basis for all planning-related decisions. The City’s current General Plan, Community Vision 2040, can be viewed here.


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